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Honduran & African Mahogany

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We are a Certified Timber Plantation Supplier, providing Mahogany Plantationboth Honduran and African Mahogany. Why Honduran Mahogany?  Known as one of the finest hardwoods in the market, many buy these woods for their rich dark color. Conditions along the equator of the earth provide the best sustainable conditions for Mahogany growth.  Time and patience has allowed us to come to proceed with the next phase – supply. Priced at square feet units, you will find our prices are competitive and reasonable, helping you save more.

Whether a manufacture company or niché Mahogany designer, we have what you’re looking for. We provide you with two options to acquire your timber. One, schedule an on-site arrival time to cut & ship your tree(s) in a self-service fashion. Two, We can cut your alotted tree(s) and have them shipped. We can also provide several styles of cuts, upon request.

We look forward to providing you with quality hardwood.